What Does RPG Stand For

what does rpg stand for

When asking what does RPG mean, one would definitely want to know if the RPG is used more often by terrorists than government forces. RPG stands for “rocket-propelled armor penetrator.” A rocket-propped shoulder-fired mortar weapon is an arm-fired mortar arm that launches enemy-carried RPGs equipped with an explosive payload. Usually RPGs are carried by a person soldier, and can often be used against enemy tanks. RPGs are some of the handiest weapons a soldier can have, making them one of the most common military weapons known to man.

So What Does RPG Stand For Exactly?


The simplest and most concise definition is that RPG is an armored vehicle-mounted rocket-propelled missile. RPGs are commonly used by terrorists to shoot down airplanes or helicopters, and may be fired at enemy troops from the ground or from shoulder-fired mortars. RPG can also be fired from a distance and made to penetrate soft targets such as trees and buildings. RPG are very accurate when it comes to destroying soft targets, so they’re perfect for shooting down helicopter gunships or attacking tanks from a distance.

An RPG is used much like a RPG missile in most games: it has a missile-like shape with a red dot on its nose, and can launch a high-explosive rocket (HEG) or other solid propelled projectiles. There is actually a lot of debate over what does RPG stand for in a general sense, since it’s a relatively new type of weapon in the gaming world. One common abbreviation is RPG, which is an abbreviation for “rangefinder.” The use of RPG is mostly seen in tank and military simulations and games. Some gamers also call RPGs “rocket-propelled grenades,” though the abbreviation doesn’t really describe what it is.

Things To Take Care Of

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Another common abbreviation used is Rpg, which is an acronym for “role playing game.” In role-playing terminology, an Rpg is a game in which a player plays a character in which he or she performs a specific role. Usually, the character is some kind of military officer, and the player is required to fulfill certain tasks under real-life conditions. Some modern-day RPGs use a different acronym for their game titles, but the two major styles of role-playing games use the rpg abbreviation.

There is actually a lot of controversy behind the actual meaning of what RPG stand for. Some people feel that a RPG is defined as a type of role-playing game in which the players assume the role of some kind of heroic adventurer. Others view RPGs as being comparable to the more “traditional” pen-and-paper role-playing games.

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The term “rogue RPG” is used to describe a style of role-playing game in which the player takes on the persona of some kind of criminal or “heavily-armed terrorist.” Although not all “rogue” RPGs involve guns, knives, or other weapons, they are common elements of the genre. What does rpg stand for, then, if not a hero willing to put his life on the line for his friends?

Summing Up

If you are interested in what does rpg stand for, the only advice you should heed is this: Don’t ever mistake a video game – especially one that involves a lot of violence and killing for entertainment – for a real-life role-playing game. A video game is always going to be about using your imagination to solve puzzles and conquer virtual environments. A role-playing game is always going to require some degree of skill and imagination. That doesn’t mean you can’t use the technology involved in a video game to its fullest effect. You can enjoy the thrill of fighting evil in Final Fantasy or the adventure of trekking across an uncharted island in Ultima Ratio Regis as much as you want.

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