What Are Some Of The Best Free MMORPG Games

It is a general perception that Best MMORPG games are difficult to buy. A lot of them don’t even realize that MMORPG is also free of cost. Yes, you only need good internet connectivity to afford a game of heavy magnitude. A lot of people argue that people won’t be able to find good games in the free section of MMORPG. But, it is not true because of the fact that MMORPG games have an equal graphic interface in a lot of games that are not a huge hit in the market. Well, let us scroll through some of the best free MMORPG games that come under the checklist of most gamers.

DC Legends: Best Free MMORPG

Unlike the usual villains in the Justice League franchise, there is a new anti-hero in this version of the role-playing game. Yes, it is none other than the most infamous Nekron. You will be definitely excited to play the game. Well, the reason is quite simple. The team that you are a part of is the most exciting of all. You will be alongside the DC heroes. Yes, you can fly with Superman. You can ride with Batman and also swing with Wonderwomen. There is no last in the list as Flash is also one of the fastest and the favorites of the comic series. So, get ready to experience the nostalgia that the game has to offer.

Dead State: Best Free MMORPG

The end of this game is quite baffling. The reason is quite simple. Have you seen the Brad Pitt movie about Zombies? Yes, World War Z. Dead State is like the scenario presented in the movie. Imagine you are Brad Pitt. What are you going to do in order to face the situation? Well, it is not that simple, right? Yes, You are supposed to increase the security of your people. You must build safe heaven for the people. Then tackle the situation. After all this, you are supposed to enter into war with the zombies. Unlike the movie, the ending of this game is not quite the same as you are allowed to make proper choices to have a happy ending.

Borderlands 3

This is, in fact, the third part released by the franchise. This game can be played on a lot of platforms including Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation. Well, the story goes like this. You are to save the world from an evil power. Yes, it is like 90% of the role-playing games, but there is a difference in the way this game is played in ways more than one. There is a lot of loot that you can earn only through shooting. A lot of us are excited by shooting and we should be because this is one of the few shooting games that takes us to the very next level. The name of the antagonist is Calypso. Not the Pirates Of The Carribean Calypso, but somewhat closer to her. In Borderlands 3 there are two Calypsos who are called Calypso twins.


Boundless is one of the most versatile games. As the name itself suggests, this game has more options than our own planets. You can travel through portals to other planets. There is also a lot of scope for role changing. The roles are plenty. You can choose to build a city or get into crafting business or be a hunter or even a trader. Sounds interesting right? Well, even the portal through which you travel is going to bring a lot of memories. So, ask your friends to not waste any more time and join you on this adventurous ride.

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