Top Picks Of Online Multiplayer RPGs

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Online multiplayer RPGs are also known as multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs). These video games can either be massively multiplayer or small multiplayer. Either way, they allow many players to play and compete against each other on the same server. In role-playing games, a player assumes the roles of a character in the game.

So, let us go ahead and explore the best online multiplayer RPGs you can have even on your PC. Better still, some of these RPGs are free! Be guaranteed that you will find a game that might take much of your time because you will not stop enjoying it.

EVE Online

I bet this is one of the advertisements you skip on YouTube, but it is worth it to check it out. Eve lets you immerse yourself into a world of politics, sabotage, endless war, exploration, and so on. The game is set in the future in a cluster of stars known as New Eden. You take up the role of a Capsuleer, a pilot.

This online multiplayer RPG is complex especially when it comes to player interactions. But there is a lot of fun in these interactions, which include economic competition, political schemes, and war. You can create alliances with other players and fight for territory with them. The main method of play is by using spaceships. These are entirely customizable. All this for free.

Best Online Multiplayer RPGs
Online Multiplayer RPGs

The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoore

Elder Scrolls Online is set in the continent of Tamriel unfortunately, not all places of Tamriel are playable. You will notice this if you have played ESO V: Skyrim. The events in the game take place a millennium before those of ESO V: Skyrim. The player is required to create their character before the game begins. The character can be from human, elvish, or bestial races and any given class.

The primary game objective is to recover the soul of the player character which was stolen by Molag Bal. But that is after escaping the prison. Tamriel also has three alliances that are struggling for power and the player character must join one of these. ESO was one of those online multiplayer RPGs that you had to pay monthly subscriptions for but that has changed. It is now a buy-to-play game.

World Of Warcraft

Online Multiplayer RPGs
Online Multiplayer RPGs

So, let us talk about the most popular of online multiplayer RPGs, with 12 million subscribers. This game takes place in the Warcraft world of Azeroth. A player can choose realms or servers of two categories, normal or roleplay. In the normal realm, a player fights monsters and completes quests. Fighting other players and roleplaying is optional.

The roleplay server focuses on the player’s role-playing but includes normal real features. The player controls the character from the first- or third-person view perspective. The game comes with a hefty subscription fee but also offers a free to pay trial up to level 20. The game has several expansions that have helped it remain popular and improved aspects like graphics.

Final Words

One thing I like about online multiplayer RPGs is how they take you to other worlds of your choice. Whether you want to conquer kingdoms or kick peoples’ behinds these online multiplayer RPGs will give you all.

They take fantasy to a whole new level. So, if you are searching for some fun or you want to pass time there you go. Either way, you will still enjoy these games.

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