Top Free RPG Games You Must Check Out That Are Trending Hot This Season

top free rpg games

The gaming world is full of entertainment and great experiences. One of the most complex yet satisfying video games is Role Playing Games or RPGs. In this gaming genre, the players live up as an Avatar or control the other characters on the journey of a fully realized world. There are several thrilling RPGs that you can play. But why not try some of the top free RPG games first, before spending a few bucks over the paid RPGs?

So if you feel you’re on with it and wish to explore some of the top free RPG games, we are here with few notable names. These can certainly get you a refreshing break with their engrossing storylines, gripping challenges, and stages. So what are you waiting for now? Let’s get diving into the most action-packed genre of video gaming with the list of top free RPG games.

Top Free RPG Games To Check Out And Try


Game Freak developed the Pokémon franchise, and its publisher is Nintendo. To date, due to its high grossing market shares, it’s the top best-selling game franchise in the world.

It has stories involving and much to explore where in focus are the cute and loving characters called Pokémons. Pokémon Trainers train them. Initially, you need to choose your Pokémon partner to fight various battles on the go.

World Of Warcraft

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This is generally counted amongst the top free RPG games, but it comes with a limited free-play experience. However, it is included here because after trying out the free version, if you opt to go for the paid ones, it is worth the buy.

WOW is developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment and is compatible with your PCs with macOS. It’s highly addictive and is deemed a craze amongst youngsters for more than a decade. 

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Being one of the most expensive games, this game has millions of fan followers. Its appealing graphics and audio take the players into the mythological world of George Lucas’ Star Wars Universe. It has ample gaming hours to offer to the players exploring the Galactic empire and Sith Republic conflicts.

This top free RPG game developed by Bioware Austin and published by Electronic Arts can be played on PCs.

Guild Wars 2

Developed and published by ArenaNet, this game is all based upon your power of decision-making and action. It gets you to battle with some real deadly elder dragons that are Lovecraftian horrors on your Pcs with macOS. Several playstyles with dark fantasy overtones are experienced in this using your skill and gaming experience. You choose a character from the eight classes and five races. Eventually, according to all your other specific choices, you get a unique Avatar to face the forthcoming battles in the game.


The fun fact is that these top free RPG games are so involved that the video gamers can keep playing them for long hours without even realizing it. They have highly complex progression tracks and deeply infuriating story setups that benefit the gamers with an exceptional and unforgettable gaming experience.

So, if you are such one video gamer, this list of top free RPG games is for you. Get started right away and experience the challenges in the most exciting way.

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