Top 5 Best MMORPG Games Available For Free In 2019

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Who wouldn’t want to play a free RPG game? That is if the game that is being offered is MMORPG. Unlike modern misconception, MMORPG games are not as rare as people think them to be. There are a handful of MMORPG games that are available online for free. Let us start looking at them one by one.

Blade & Soul: MMORPG Best Free

Blade and Soul is the top of the list. This game is nothing short of a miracle. People who played the game have advocated it as something that is very addictive, but it sure takes the shape of Shadow Fighting. However, as the game progresses, you will find a different variation to the actual plot. This Korean game has inspired multiple characters including Gon, Jin, and Yun.

Archeage: MMORPG Best Free

You will definitely remember Pirates of Carribean while playing Archeage. This game has a lot of rum drinking in it. However, that is not the main focus of the game. The ships take a mighty turn and influence a whole battalion of troopers. Dragon mounts are also part of the game. There is also a frequent visitor from the sky while playing the game.

Maplestory 2: MMORPG

Maple world is just like the world of Alice in Wonderland, but instead of magic bunnies, you will find huge monsters. There is a lot of scopes for you to defeat the monster by teaming up with your friends. Even though this is a sequel to the first part, this one comes up with a whole lot of magic and is also freely available online.

World Of Warplanes

You wouldn’t believe if I say that there is a possibility for customization of aircraft, but don’t be in haste. This is a World War II game. Yes, the aircraft are mostly the ones used in that period. However, they are much more developed than the ones used in World War I. The theme employed in the game is something that does not miss our sight.

Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix botched up the first installment of Final Fantasy XIV but they came back stronger than before. There are eight combat classes. You must try and reach the 10th level to get flexibility in choosing the character you like. However, the game has a reputation as a cross-play MMO.

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