The Best RPGs For PCs and What They Did To Our Gaming Experience

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Best new PC games of the 21st century… Call of Duty, Dark Souls, Metal Gear Solid V, Metro 2037… In this list we consider the best of the best and we’re not just talking titles but systems too – we’ve got RPG’s, RTS’s, shooters and MMOs to name but a few.

Best new PC game of 2021… Halo, master chief, and the ultimate weapon, the scissor known as the Master Sword, has been left as a mysterious symbol of hope for humanity after the destruction of the Guilty Spirit, only now that the legends have come to life with the activation of the Halo energy core. Now only can the Halo be activated and the Master Chief and his allies do more than survive the Covenant and the Flood – they must fight their way through a massive outbreak of zombies, Banshees and evil AI constructs on Earth and beyond.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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In this first look at our list of the best RPG’s of all time, we’ll take a look at the role-playing game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Here, players take on the role of a soldier in the future war against the Covenant. As one of America’s most elite military units, the Ghosts are charged with protecting the future of mankind from threats from within and without. A futuristic open-world setting, featuring a host of unique features, such as multiple multiplayer modes including “Search and Destroy” and the classic” Arena” mode sees the Ghosts pitted against each other in head-to-head combat. You’ll need to hone your skills and sharpen your reflexes as you take on the latest instalment in the popular call of duty series.

Cyberpunk 2077

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For our second entry in our list of the best RPG’s, we’ll check out the open-world, cyberpunk 2077 game. The story begins with a cold open, where you find yourself in the midst of an urban conflict that has taken a deadly turn. As you start to explore the city, the plot thickens and you uncover the reason behind the recent attack – a terrorist organization called Omega has launched a strike on an unsuspecting public. If these terrorists get hold of the cybernetic implant embedded in your mind, then the balance of mankind will be at serious risk. You play as the savior of humanity, entering into the head of this criminal organization and dealing the final death blow against Omega. It’s a gripping game that present a unique take on the traditional role playing formula and one that fans of the genre will find thrilling to play.

Fallout: New Vegas

Our third candidate for the title of “best RPG game ever,” is Fallout: New Vegas. If you like your dog’s narrative-driven RPGs with tons of quests to complete and side quests to complete along the way, then you’re going to love New Vegas. You start by visiting Vegas, and after taking a tour of the sign, you find a secret bunker where the government kept experimental nuclear weapons. You’ve got a chance to acquire and carry out the technology or be sucked into the irradiated wastes of the post-apocalyptic world and left to fend for yourself. A highly branching story, countless side quests, an optional Vegas expansion pack, and an optional NVidia Hair Simulation, make Fallout: New Vegas one of the best RPGs for PCs.

Other RPG Games 

No discussion of RPGs for PCs would be complete without mentioning Secret Of Solstice, a unique take on the old classic adventure genre. In this game, you play as one of several unique characters, each with their own special abilities, who are placed in a detailed townscape. Rather than trekking through an open field, traverse dangerous water, and battle monsters, your task will be to locate and use a set of power ups to reach a specific destination. For example, there is a dog tied to a rope that will save you if you can tie it to a pole. There is also a tree house that has a safe place to sleep during nights, and an underground tunnel that if you use a key can unlock. Each character has a set of special abilities, like stealth, climbing, swimming, and negotiation, which will help you on your quest.

Another RPG for PCs that we feel deserves to be mentioned is the assassin role-playing game Arma Team. Playing the role of an assassin, you will need to protect your town from waves of hostile invaders, conquer cityscapes, investigate crime scenes, and perform mysterious tasks in order to level up, upgrade your weapons, and obtain new skill sets. Unlike most RPGs, in Arma Team you never have a predetermined level, so you will never feel “stuck” when it comes to leveling up. It’s quick and easy, and if you like role-playing games with a bit of mystery, then this is definitely a title for you.

In The End

For our final consideration in the best RPG games for PCs, we have to mention another type of game that not many people would expect to feature as part of a best selling list – fantasy quests. In these quests, you will have to make choices about what path to take, what to fight, and even what to die for. In this ranking system, your choices will have lasting consequences on your game. In addition to featuring some of the best RPGs for PCs, the game Pillars of the Earth features a detailed action-packed ranking system that rewards you for your decisions based on how they affect the game’s storyline.

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