The Best New Sprites For RPG Fans

best new sprite rpg games

If you’re looking for some of the best new sprites for your role playing game systems today, look no further than MegaSprites. This web site is devoted to all the best new and upcoming RPG game systems of today. Whether you want to play an RPG that has been released on console platforms or one that is being developed exclusively for the PC, we’ve got it. Here you will find some of the best new RPG games you can play right now. These include games that are both coming out and ones that have just been released.

Best New RPG Game Systems Available

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One of the best new RPG game systems available today is Vampire Clans from Eidos Interactive. This is a World of Warcraft like role-playing video game that has you controlling a clan of vampires. You will be able to level up your character and do quests in order to gain power and levels. As your character progresses through the game they will become stronger and more powerful.

Mages of Might and Magic 2 from Big Fish is another one of the best RPGs on the market today. This is a turn-based strategy game where you will have to defeat all kinds of evil creatures and magical artifacts in order to win. You will be able to build up your character as you go through the game and learn new skills and magic attacks. The graphics are nice and even the music is engaging and memorable.

Hidden Object And Adventure Type Game

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Another great new release is Secret of Solstise from Focus Home Interactive. This is a hidden object and adventure type game. You play as a young woman who is thrown into Solstise, a town that has been destroyed. You have to discover what happened there and figure out what happened to your family. You’ll use a notebook in order to do this, but you will also use memory cells to write about your adventures. The story is based around a real-life mystery that was solved some time ago.

Virus Like You

One game that came out last week that I had never heard of was A Virus Like You. This is an RPG (role playing game) that has you play as a virus trying to find your way out of a certain prison. It’s been receiving a lot of attention since its release and it’s one of the best RPG systems on the market right now. It is pretty much the perfect game for anybody who wants to play a role playing rpg but doesn’t want to make any changes to their already established gaming experience.

One of the newest games that came out recently was Xenon Pearl from Cryptic Studios. This is an RPG (role playing game) that is set in a sci-fi world. It has many different aspects, including gun play, flying, space travel, ship building and multiplayer. It’s definitely worth checking out.


Finally, there was one hidden object game that slipped into my review. You know those types of games where you have to search through a large amount of items and objects to find one thing? Well this game takes it to the next level. In Limbo you have to find the lost object codes so that you can get this special item and finish the game. It’s a very nice addition that adds an extra level of difficulty.

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