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Gaming today has gone way above and beyond a simple hobby- it may not sound surprising to know that today a lot of people’s livelihoods depend upon gaming, as anything can happen in the 21st century. With Pewdiepie and CORPSE Husband being some of the most popular gaming YouTubers right now and Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto being all-time classics, gaming has everyone literally hooked on to their computer screens. If you are an aspiring gamer too but do not know what to start with, say no more, we have got you all covered. We have curated a list especially for you to discover your own unique gaming journey- hope you enjoy!

Microsoft Xbox Series

Gaming Consoles

If you are a classic Xbox fan, this is easily the best choice for you to make. It is easily the best, most power-packed gaming console Microsoft has ever made, and it will instantly unleash the powerful gamer inside you. With a 4k gaming system, 120 frames per second and other improved features just being a few characteristics to showcase to the world, this device is brilliant for having its price well below $500.

Sony PlayStation

Gaming Consoles

A tough competition to Xbox, PlayStation has its own set of fans in the gaming world as well. Sony has showed it to us time and time again that it does not go down without a fight, and this newest gaming device version is no exception. With almost the same salient features as its competitor, it has new and improved storage and memory. What’s more, you ask? Well, it also comes along with a brand new DualSense gaming controller. Rather a bit heavy on the price factor, we agree, but it is just a matter of compromise you have to make to finally get your hands on this gaming beauty.

Nintendo Switch

Here is another fine contender in the world of video games. Nintendo is yet another fan favourite and has been so for the last few decades. It never disappoints, and with this amazing new addition, it only does so much to further prove his point. The best part of this latest version is that it can effortlessly transcend from being a mobile console to a home gaming device. We are all for this seamless transformation, and we are pretty sure the entire Nintendo fandom roars in agreement.


So in this post, we have pretty much acquainted you all with all these amazing top leading gaming consoles. If you are an original gaming fan right from day one, it will not even be a hard choice to make and you will find your perfect gaming companion in the blink of an eye. However, if you are just starting out, we hope this article was of some use to you. Don’t worry though if you are a newbie, the gaming world is really awesome and provides a truckload of opportunities- and most importantly, have fun!

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