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Importance Of Cosplay In Gaming

Importance Of Cosplay In Gaming

Cosplay is the amalgamation of Costume and Play. Play as in the theater play. This is however not a festival. Else it would have given a very stiff competition to Halloween. Who doesn’t like to dress like their favorite superheroes right? Cosplay has its own perks. You can dress like a dragon or as one […]

Top Facts About Role-Playing Games

Role-playing games have been a revolution in the gaming industry. Previously, people only cared about Table-Top role-playing games. The advent of technology changed the entire scenario. RPG games really defined the ways in which PC or PS4 games must be played. Imagine being the lead character of the story. You will be either chasing after […]

5 Interesting Facts About Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter was first released in 2004 for Playstation 2. Look how far the game has reached. There had been several sequels and the versions are a huge hit. Let us look at some of the interesting facts. The game is out for all the versions of Playstation, Xbox and Microsoft Windows. The game has […]

5 More Facts About Role-Playing Games

A person flying through the air while holding an umbrella

Role-Playing games have an everlasting impact on kids of this generation. There are a few facts that are unique to only role-playing games. The facts that defined the way an RPG is percieved. MIT Research A research done by MIT institute has shown that the video game playing tradition is becoming an addiction. There has […]

Coolest Facts Of Dungeons And Dragons Online

Dungeons and Dragons have been an important tool in changing the cultural Identity of role-playing games. Yes, the game was previously famous for its typical identity in the table-top version. People see it as the new face of table-top games. Well, that is not true for the entire world of Dungeons and Dragons, because a […]

Interesting Things About The Elder Scrolls Skyrim

Find Out The RPG Games That Could Played Easily Online

The Elder Scrolls Skyrim is a role-playing game developed by Bethesda Studios. This game takes place after the Oblivion. Yes, the guess is right. The player character must build his character and power as he marches along with the game. The game intrigues you in ways more than one. Let us look at some of […]

Key Differences Between MMORPG And MMO

People are heavily confused between MMO and MMORPG. Both are Massively Multi-player games. However, MMORPG is strictly adhered to the rules of role-playing as in RPG. Before playing these games, it is important to understand the key differences between the two of them. Let us get through with each one of them at a time. […]

Top Facts About Warcraft

The first release of the game is called Warcraft: Orcs & Humans. It is one of the oldest games to have ever come into the RPG genre. The first release date was in 1994. The game which is 25 years old is an exemplary one with a wide variety of gaming options. The world of […]

How Fallout Changed The Gaming Industry

Fallout is one of the most favorite games of the 21st century. It has captured the audience in multiple ways. There are very few games with that genre. Speaking of genre, it might even take a while to understand the meaning of the word. It is post-apocalyptic. The definition is influenced by a lot of […]

Coolest Facts Of World Of Warcraft Game

This world is a prison and I will set us all free is a statement from the world of warcraft: Shadowland Cinematic trailer. Well, Who doesn’t want the ice throne? That is not the right question. The correct question is who wants to destroy the ice throne which comes with a power that makes its […]

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