Strategic RPG Games – Fall Of Giants and Arma Ragnus

strategic rpg games

Final Fantasy Tactics is an RPG role-playing video game and the progenitor of many other tactical role-playing games that followed in its path. Like most of the other great RPGs of the past, Final Fantasy Tactics had a great presentation, an amazing storyline, deep characters, and a variety of different play styles. It is the game that kick-started the classic role-playing video game genre. It was ahead of its time, and while it did have some problems, it still remains one of, if not the best, of the genre.

A game like Final Fantasy Tactics would never be complete without one of the characters, Shiva, the summoner and leader of the party. A shining star of his own personal crew, Shiva commands the forces of his country, Beoulve. And like many of the other summoners in the series, Shiva is a powerful being with supernatural powers. The first game in the series features a detailed and well-developed plot, excellent graphics, and an interesting and deep storyline.

Strategic RPG Games

In the first game, you, as the gamer, have been thrown into a land called Beoulve, where strange and mysterious things have been happening. The locals have begun to disappear, never to be seen again. At your command, you and your friends start to search for answers, discovering that there are powerful creatures called Sinus, which are causing all sorts of strange disruptions. Using powerful Bahamut attacks and Bahamut magic, you must help your party fight the Sinus and its allies to discover the truth behind the disappearances and seek to put an end to these evil schemes.

One of the best things about Final Fantasy Tactics for the PSP is that it uses a turn-based strategy battle system similar to that found in other RPG games. This makes it very easy for players who don’t like to think too much while playing a game. Another exciting aspect of this strategic RPG is that you can play it on normal maps or challenge yourself with the high-speed map editor. If you enjoyed the first game, the PSP remake is sure to bring you hours of entertainment as you explore and battle through the unknown regions of Beoulve.

A Much Ado

Unlike the first game in the series, the second game in the series doesn’t have a single-player campaign. You and your four friends enter Beoulve to find out why its citizens are suddenly vanishing. Upon further investigation, you find that it is a criminal organization called the Gillians who have stolen the Sinus. Now, instead of curing people with magic, they are kidnapping them and using them as experimental weapons. After thwarting their scheme and taking back the Sinus, your group must fight your way through the many levels in order to find and save everyone. Although the storyline is not the most exciting in the series, it is still an excellent game.

While these first two games in the series were quite successful, the third game in the series, known as the Fall of Giants, disappointed a lot of gamers. Some people weren’t satisfied with how open-ended the game was, feeling as if there was no goal to reach. These people are often frustrated when playing this game as they aren’t sure how they will progress through the different stages. Fortunately, there is a strategy guide available in order to make things a bit easier to follow and understand. Once you get used to the gameplay of these games, you’ll find that you don’t have to be frustrated with the difficulty of each level.

One thing you should know about these classic strategy games is that they tend to use a turn-based system. This means that you have to move your characters around on the screen to take their actions. For those people who enjoy playing games where every decision is made based on the current situation you are in, these are perfect games for you. The graphics, sound, and special effects are very good for this type of game. This is another reason why people enjoy playing these games.

Bottom Line

However, it is also important to note that while these games are generally well-designed and have very nice graphics, the actual gameplay can be rather challenging. If you are looking for a strategic RPG that offers you many different options for playing through the game, you may want to stay away from Fall Of Giants. Other better choices would include Pillars of the Earth and Arma Ragnus. These are three of the more recent in the series, offering players even more options for solving puzzles and controlling the game’s characters. If you enjoy these games, you may want to purchase all three of them and play them at the same time. Just make sure you turn off Internet connections while you play them to prevent cheating.

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