Smashing New RPG Games for PS3

new rpg games for ps3

Role playing games not only take the player into a totally different world, they also create a sense of reality with the near-perfect graphics and sound effects. Here are the smashing new RPG games for PS3.

Mass Effect Series

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The industry’s huge reaction to this trilogy’s conclusion is a testament to just how beloved these games became all around the world. Despite the mostly negative feedback toward the ending of Mass Effect 3, each one of these titles sits comfortably among almost every list of top PS3 RPGs of all time.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the greatest PS3 RPGs for its sheer size and amount of content alone. Unlike most RPGs that have a main story guiding players, Skyrim lets you almost immediately start exploring toward any direction you wish. Dungeons, forests, and mountains are a few of the countless types of areas you’ll encounter, most filled with different types of creatures to face– included the dreaded dragons.

Dark Souls I & II

Those of you looking for a challenge will certainly find more than you bargained for with From Software’s two brutal action RPG titles. Offering some of the toughest gameplay of this generation, you’ve no doubt already heard about people quitting after failing to defeat even some of the first enemies and bosses in the game. More than just hard games, Dark Souls and Dark Souls II are fantastic RPGs for PS3 as they also offer expansive worlds to cautiously explore, one of the most unique multiplayer components we’ve ever seen, and tons of secrets that only those with a sharp eye will catch.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Ni No Kuni is arguably not just one of the best

Fallout: New Vegas

Despite the numerous bugs, New Vegas is a magnificent RPG, one that stands head and shoulders above its predecessor. More importantly, it’s also the game that Fallout fans have been waiting for.


One of the most hyped games in recent memory, Destiny is worth playing simply for its ambitious attempt to combine so many genres together into one enjoyable experience. Of course, if you fell in love with Bungie’s ability to build captivating worlds with the Halo series, you’ll no doubt become immediately immersed into Destiny’s world as well.

These are the best new RP3 games for PS3.

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