RPG Games Best Of All Time: Gamer’s Choice

rpg games best

When we talk about game genres, everyone has a favorite, but we’ll be talking about the best RPG games that ever graced us and has left a mark on all the players who have had the chance to play these games. RPG or role-playing games usually give you, the player, the option to choose how you play the game, and your decisions would depend on the story’s outcome. 

With that said, let’s jump right in with the top RPG games of all time that you may or may not have played yet!

Dragon Age Franchise

The Dragon Age franchise is a must-play for all die-hard RPG fans out there, and that’s why it’s on the list of best RPG games. It takes place in a medieval setting where dragons, magic, and demons exist. And because of evil magic that turned the first mages of the time into the first Darkspawn who only live to kill all that is alive. Darkspawn invasions are called Blights, and there have been a few over the centuries and usually led by a dragon corrupted by the same evil magic.

It’s up to you to stop advancing the enemies and make sure that your land is well protected or, at the very least, survive. This game has more to it, and it’s up to you to explore the world with your chosen party and lead them to total victory. 

rpg games best

Mass Effect Franchise

The Mass Effect franchise is also similar to Dragon Age. Still, in a sci-fi setting where humans discovered the Mass Relays, we’re able to advance their technology and find out that they were not alone in the universe. The three games follow your exploits as Commander Shepard and all of his/her exploits. The game also introduces a new system called Paragon or Rebel in which your decisions would be either good or bad.

This would affect how people around you and the ones surrounding you treat you and at the end game, decide which who stays, who dies, and who lives. That would all depend on the choices you make. With this sci-fi series, you’d instantly love it and follow it all through the end. 

Witcher 3

Need I say more about this game? Geralt of Rivia has a grim but beautiful life and many more amazing adventures in which the first cutscene will get you hooked! Play as Geralt and follow his story in which every decision is masterfully played out in the end, not to mention the battle system in which it’s as fluid as it can get! Don’t get me started on the graphics, and also the level of detail for each map!

The enemies vary from men to monsters, and it’s up to you to either use your sigils, swordplay, or sometimes both to deal with all foes to give you an edge in battle. The Witcher franchise is fantastic, but the third installment takes the cake.

rpg games best as per gamers


So there you have it! The best RPG games of all time, and if you didn’t know, two of the first games were created by one studio back in their golden days and would love to see them rise again! We look forward to the next RPG games that are yet to grace us, like Cyberpunk 2077, and hope it lives up to the hype!

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