Role Play

role play

It’s very easy to be lost in the fantasy world of your role play. And you may not even be aware that you are having a fantasy!

However, when the day begins there are disappointments because you didn’t get the outcome you were hoping for. It makes you a bit disappointed with the whole thing.

Someone has made you believe it is all a game and it doesn’t really matter if you are unhappy. If they are really good they can make you feel like a princess; giving you things you don’t have or things you never thought were possible.

Role play is what people do in the world of fiction. This is when an author or a storyteller or a story teller; shows the readers something else than the real world in a fictional world. The viewers or readers are also just like you or me and they all interact with one another.

The readers are each given an interpretation of the event creates an alternate reality. Regardless, they all share the experience and each person has something to learn from the story.

In an action scene there is always something that might happen. Some people may look at the action as a cute movie scene or a comic book one. I would say that when it comes to that.

We all just looked at him and then looked away.

Blood was everywhere, and there was some shouting. I had never seen anything like it before.

We all thought it was over for this character. He had lost his head, his love and his friends were all saying he had gone too far.

No one really said anything; Role play during the action scene and we all just focused on one another and on the screen. I don’t think we really paid attention to the person we watched, instead we focused on the story. Then when the next scene started; this time he was actually okay, but this time his friends were there to talk to him.

Imagine how many people could have watched the Role play; action scene and went back to that one person who had been stabbed. This happened in two scenes and we laughed about it for a while.

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