New Upcoming RPG Games To Play

new upcoming rpg games

And if you are like me, then you are very much excited about it. And the good thing is, the developers have released some information about the story and game progression so far. So let’s take a quick look at the new RPG that is sure to become a hit amongst RPG gamers.


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Mabinogi is set in the world of ancient Japan, during the time period known as the ” feudal era. When you begin playing, you will pick your hero and start in the game. You will have to choose between three classes that each bring something unique to the table. You can choose to be a bladesayer, magician or samurai as your class, each with their own fighting style, magic and skills for taking out your enemies in exciting battles.

The story is set a few years ago and centers around the adventures of a merchant called Mizuki. He journeys across the Land of Dreams searching for the fabled Gogi. The only problem is, there is something else in the dream world and Mizuki doesn’t know what it is and how to get through it. It is up to the player’s wisdom and action to help him find his way through this strange maze and find the ultimate weapon.


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Combat is turn-based, as the player takes turns attacking the enemies in order to cause them damage. The player also has the option of doing different things such as using items on the field to affect the battle in different ways. It is up to the player to really devise strategies to beat his enemies and come out above the competition. If you want to plan out a strategy to beat your opponents, then you can do so in the pause menu, where you can also create new strategies for the next round.

Another very interesting part of this game is its exploration element. You are put into the shoes of the main character, Mizuki, and are required to explore towns and villages to search for clues and weapons or other items that will help you in the fight against the enemies. There are also several dungeons to explore. They are designed in an eye-catching manner and the graphics involved are top notch. The towns and villages are beautifully drawn and the scenery is very interesting and picturesque.

Voice Acting

One of the best features in this game is its voice acting. The characters speak in full sentences and there are several Japanese and English languages. It is also worth mentioning that the game has an interactive mini-game which lets you interact with the game’s characters and the game itself.

Summing U

Another good RPG title that is in development now is a turn-based role playing game. This game is set in Japan, where players assume the role of a prince or princess in order to vanquish the dungeon dwellers. The game has been made very interesting with its interesting story and the graphics involved. It also has an intriguing that you can participate in. The graphics and the story are attractive and do help in making this a very captivating game to play. You can look for more about the new upcoming RPGs on the net.

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