New Rpg Games For Android You Will Love To Play

New Rpg Games for Android

Mobile games have become popular as you don’t need to have a desktop or laptop to enjoy gaming. And the new RPG games for android has taken this experience to a higher level. As the name suggests, RPG or role-playing games are where players adopt a fictional character’s role in an imaginary setting through a narrative and under a set of rules. There are plenty of new RPG games for android devices that are available for free and also paid. These games have now become popular as they can be played on your mobile phones on the go while providing an incredible gaming experience.

Best New Rpg Games For Android In 2020

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Here is a list of the new RPG games for android to help you choose your favorite gaming the various options available for new RPG games for android on your mobile.

Star Wars- KOTOR

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Star Wars:

The Banner Saga- Best New RPG Game For Android

The battlefield is a game with 25 characters with a distinct personality that will offer a different playing experience. It is a fantasy game based on Vikings and bastions that are cursed by god. And the leading player is a leader who saves his village from enemies.

BattleChasers- NightWar

It is an award-winning game with the added benefit of no in-app purchases. It is based on a novel with the same name and features a strong storyline and good characters with up-grading.

The game is based on an overworld with dungeons and battles to fight with the enemies that keep you hooked.


This is the funniest of the new RPG games for android that you will play. It is about the main character crash landing on an alien planet and surviving its way through the new planet, and doing the tasks along the way.

Lego Legacy

If you are fond of Lego, then you will like this new RPG game for android too. It’s a simple game with turn-based combat where you assemble a lot of characters. However, unlocking characters either require money or time.

Another Eden

This is one of the newer games on the list. It’s a beautifully designed and simple combat game. It’s along with the best new RPG games for android, though it doesn’t have tons of menus and events.


These are a few of the many new RPG games for android that you need to look out for in 2020 for a fantastic gaming experience on your mobile phones.

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