New Action RPG Games For 2021- Final Fantasy 15

new action rpg games

There has been a lot of hype surrounding the release of new action RPG games such as Final Fantasy 15. These games are very much in the vein of classic action RPGs. However, the developers have spent quite a bit of time listening to what players want and then adding their own ideas into the mix.

If you like your old action RPGs, then you’re in for a treat. These new games feature some of the best visuals and quests I’ve seen in awhile. The story is great, and the characters are well drawn and designed. I especially love the new characters added to the game by the developers.

Fantasy elements

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Final Fantasy 15 is a dungeon-crawler at heart. It starts just like any other RPG game, where you take on the role of a minor, a summoner who has awakened from a deep slumber and arrives in town to help her friends defeat an evil empire. As you do battle you’ll also gain experience points (EXP) to level up your party and do more quests. There is some typical fantasy RPG action here too. You’ll run into dragons and fairies along the way, although each opponent you meet will have a unique style of attack. This gives each battle a different feel despite the similar genre.

Various activities

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Unlike most RPGs you aren’t restricted to doing one action per screen. Your party can take any direction during quests and even travel around town to complete quests. When you go on a mission, you will be asked to go through a variety of puzzles to locate and acquire items, weapons, and armor on your way. This adds some strategy to combat but also makes finding the items and weapons more convenient, and makes playing the action much more enjoyable.

Familiar interface

Another good thing about Final Fantasy 15 is that it is set in a familiar world that feels like the series has always been. The job system is familiar, and jobs can be switched freely while playing through the game. Classes are defined by job choices too, so you won’t get confused while trying to get through a fight. Unlike most RPGs though, the leveling system isn’t anywhere near as smooth. It can be slow at times, but overall it’s not very difficult.


The real draw to Final Fantasy 15 is the multiplayer focus. Playing through the game with a group of friends can be very fun. You’ll have all sorts of side quests to complete, and you’ll never be bored with the variety of things you can do. You can explore the world, complete quests, fight enemy characters, and take on the various jobs simultaneously to make your game feel like you’re just playing one character, instead of many.

Other elements

The release of New Action RPG games in 2021 promises a lot of exciting things for players. We’ll see many more improvements to the game systems. We can also look forward to new job systems and the introduction of the community. A lot of the old fans of old school action RPGs will be excited to be able to play the new games, while others are probably going to be disappointed.

Final Fantasy 15 is a powerful game. However, if you don’t like the new direction, there aren’t a lot of ways to get around it. There are a lot of nice elements that make playing the game enjoyable, however. If you enjoyed the original versions of the Final Fantasy games, you’ll love them now. If you haven’t played any of the new ones yet, you’ll be happy you did!

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