Medieval Rpg Games – Age Of Reckoning And Other Popular Franchises

medieval rpg games

Medieval RPGs cover the history of a medieval time period within the world of role playing games. Medieval RPGs are generally set in the medieval time within worlds history between the fifteenth centuries, sometimes even earlier. It was during this time that the harsh environment, famine, hard winters, powerful sword battles, other dangers were experienced by people in the medieval times. This type of time period is well known to be the dark ages of Europe.

Age Of Conan

Rpg Games

Some of the most popular medieval rpg games are: Age of Conan, Baldur’s Gate, Harker, Pillars of the Earth, Planescape: The Morgue, Quest of the Ring, Lord of the Rings Online, Neverwinter Nights Online, and The World of Warcraft. These are only a few of the available games. There is actually a lot more that can be enjoyed if you take the time to search for it online. Most of these games provide an authentic medieval feel and setting. It has a unique take on the theme of fantasy and also brings magic into the mix.

One of the most popular medieval rpg games that is available is the Might and Magic franchise. The Might and Magic role playing series started with the first game – Might Minus the Magic. Since its release, three more games have been released: Might Minus: The Two Heroes, Might and Magic Build Up, and the latest, Might and Magic: Summon of Solace.

Dragon Age Series

Rpg Games

One of the most popular genre of RPG games nowadays is the Dragon Age series. Dragon Age follows the story of a young woman in medieval setting, who starts as a lowly Templar. As the game progresses she grows stronger, learns magic, and eventually joins the highest bidder in the final battle, become the ruler of the land, and end up conquering the entire area. This has become one of the most beloved MMORPGs ever, with millions of people playing it online.

Another popular game series that comes to mind when discussing medieval gaming is the Elder scrolls series. The Elder scrolls was created by American gamers and has been one of the most loved RPGs for many years now. The player has to explore the world, earn upgrades for their weapons and character, deal with quests, and much more within this amazing Medieval themed universe. There have even have been movies made based on the Elder scrolls and you may even see some cut scenes at certain points.

Real-time Battles

Many people are familiar with the genre of real-time battles. These battles are usually where your enemies will fight each other using fantasy weaponry like bows and arrows. The goal of the player in any of these battles are to be the first player to defeat their opponent and take back the castle or keep their own castle until more reinforcements can arrive. It’s a great deal of fun to play a role playing game where you actually get to be a part of the action instead of playing an objective role. In most cases, in these types of rpgs, the player takes on the role of a king or queen who is struggling for the realm against some forces that are trying to overthrow them.

Bottom Line

As for the medieval settings, in Baldur’s Gate you have to go to fight the armies of the High Kings led by Elric of Nemours, and in Pirates of the Caribbean you have to sail your ship from port to port using a variety of quests and events to keep your crew and ship safe along the way. In addition, if you are going to be playing a female character in one of these games, you will generally need to do as much as possible to stay a virgin, as few characters can otherwise start the game with sexual experiences. All in all, a medieval rpg can be a very fun experience as long as you go into it with the right attitude and with a willingness to put in the time and effort needed to succeed.

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