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new rpg games free

Role-Playing Games (RPGs) have come a long way since they were first commercially introduced back in the 1970’s. Although Dungeons and Dragons, more affectionately called DND by its loyal fans, still has a place in many RPG player’s hearts, the age of technology has changed the way RPGs are played today.

Gone were the days when players would have to come together personally and just have their imaginations to enter the magical realms these games have in store. Today, with the age of changing, advancing, and evolving technological wonders RPGs can now reach your home through the power of the internet.


Genre of the Game: Fantasy MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)

In the world of RPG games download options for PCs which are free Smite is one of those that comes highly recommended. The game play is comparable to that of DOTA and League of Legends when it comes to graphics and the mythological themes used.

In Smite, the player plays from a third person perspective following the god of their choice under a MOBA game style. Gamers can band together in groups and compete against each other in teams of 3 to 5 members.

Smite can be played on Windows, Xbox One, and PS4 as long as the consul can accommodate the 35.7 MB needed to download the game. Smite is available for free download on the web brought to you by its creator Hi-Rez Studios. Those who have tried the RPG have claimed that is it amazing and naturally addictive as they are immersed in the online world as they play.

Some players have continued playing the RPG years after they have started but has warned new gamers against the toxic community that can sometimes interfere with the true essence of the game. As far as free RPG games go, Smite is still one that is best played with a cool head and sense of adventure.


Enter the medieval fantasy world of Gielinor just like the hundreds of thousands before you in the online RPG RuneScape.

Published by Jagex Game Studios in 2001, the game has been one of the longest running online RPGs to date with new players joining in the quest every day. The game has come a long way being reincarnated thrice since it was first released. The version today is available for free download at a 22.7 MB size.

A small space required to have a free game on your PC which lets you run wild in different kingdoms, regions, and cities. There are numerous challenging quests for players to accomplish while playing RuneScape.

Inside the fantasy realm you can discover monsters and acquire resources while travelling across Gielinor on foot, charter ships, or even magical spells. Players who have grown up playing RuneScape have high praises for the free RPG game download.

The game has kept up with the advancement of graphics and the expansion of quests throughout the years. If you’re planning to get into online RPGs without spending the extra bucks on a game, RuneScape is worth trying out!

Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Star Wars: The Old Republic is an online RPG game developed by BioWare which was first released in 2011. This online RPG is available for purchase, but has a free play option that many have fallen in love with.

In the game, the story takes place in the popular fictional world of the well-loved sci-fi franchise Star Wars. Although the game is centered around the same universe the setting and events occur more than 3,600 years before the films.

Players of Star Wars: The Old Republic can choose from the two sides – the Galactic Empire or the Sith Empire. What makes this RPG unique is that even if players choose one side they can still have their own unique balance between the light and the dark side for their characters. The game’s free play option is available for download with a 37.9 MB size and has been met with mixed reviews by critics and users.

Don’t just settle for what other folks are saying about SWTOR, download online RPG games for yourself to see if you belong on the light or dark side of the Star Wars universe. The fate of the galaxy may be in your hands, see if you have what it takes to be a Jedi or a Sith Lord.

These three are currently the best RPG games for downloading.

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