Know About the Top 5 Zombie Games

Free online RPG games have almost become fashionable on their own. RPG extremists are so crazy about online games that they are ready to spend money to buy them at any cost. And even if they don’t spend money, they still love to play. It’s almost like they get pleasure from the idea of ​​getting a good game fix!

This selection of the best games will take you through a collection of zombie-filled adventures that cover different genres. One thing’s for sure: If you’re looking to take on the undead, this is where you will get them.

Pick this best game, and you’ll get a collection of zombie-filled adventures that span a variety of genres. If you want to fight the undead, you’re at the right place.

Top 5 Zombies Games for Android

A group of people standing next to a tree

Left to Survive

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In this zombie survival online game, you have to find ways to survive. You will be offered rifles, guns, and shotguns and a few grenades to survive from hordes of zombies. Here, you can create a base and fight the incoming hordes of zombies and enemies. Here you will also get to see player vs. player mode. You can use helicopters to destroy the base of zombies by firing a shotgun from the top of their heads.

The quality of graphics is pretty excellent and gives you a fluid gaming experience. This is a must-try game for zombie games lovers.

Size of the game- 517 MB

Kill Shot Virus

This game is entirely online. Although the size of the game is too small, you will be getting outstanding graphics quality in such a game. The shot kill death cam makes the game more interesting. You have to shoot the zombie provided with guns and grenades. You can add points by helping and saving the survivors from zombies.

Size of the game- 79 MB


The creator of this game is Madfinger, by which you can guess how enjoyable the game would have been. Here in this game, zombies are spread all over the city, and you will have to encounter all of them. You will get various guns here; more than 50 kinds of firearms are there in this game. You will get an array of snipers, riffles, a variety of shotguns, and many more. The more exciting part of this game is the cut scenes in the middle, just like PC games. You will get a missile launcher to kill and destroy choppers. If you like zombie games, you should not miss this UNkilled game.

Size of the game- 465MB

Dead Trigger 2

This is the foremost game on the list of all zombies’ games. You will get to see a story mode, and the gameplay or characters’ movement is smooth. You get to an adventure, and whoever zombies come in your path to you will be clearing them, which would be a challenging part as you will be getting limited ammo for guns. Also, you will get more survivors in your way and join them to fight more hordes of zombies coming towards you. Collect ammo and save them from fighting against zombies in your path which adds a realistic perspective to the game. You must try this fantastic game.

Size of the game- 547MB

Dead Effect 2

This mobile game gives you the feel of playing it on a console. The storyline you are about to follow in this game is way more interesting. You are trapped in a place as your crew members are turned into zombies, and you need to escape from there before hoards of zombies come to you and eat you up. The gameplay makes it way more interesting by adding advanced weapons and shooting mechanisms. The controls and gameplay are really awesome.

Size of the game- 1.6 GB

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