Cosplay In Gaming - FInd out the most famous Cosplay costumes

Importance Of Cosplay In Gaming

Importance Of Cosplay In Gaming

Cosplay is the amalgamation of Costume and Play. Play as in the theater play. This is however not a festival. Else it would have given a very stiff competition to Halloween. Who doesn’t like to dress like their favorite superheroes right? Cosplay has its own perks. You can dress like a dragon or as one of your favorite characters in any of your favorite games. There are a wide variety of characters which people like to showcase during comic-con and other international comic festivals. San Diego comic con is one such famous example. Let us look at some of the famous cosplay costumes.

Lara Croft: Cosplay

Lara Croft is one of the most favorite characters of the 20th century. The character is full of adventure. She features in Tomb Raider franchise. Well, who other than Lara Croft to compete against Indiana Jones. Yes, she too is an archeologist. Core Design has the credit of bringing the character and video game into the world. She is also famous for entering ancient tombs that are full of magic and mystery. Angelina Jolie has played the role in the film series. If you haven’t yet watched it, now is the right time.


She is the princess of Cintra. Yes, she has a lot of other exotic names. People call her with a lot of other names. Like, the Lion Cub of Cintra and the Lady of Time and Space. One of the main reasons for Ciri being famous in the cosplay is her appearance. Yes, she has grey hair. Not just the hair but her eyes are the best part. They are green. Like Green Lantern green maybe. Even though she ends up being a sorcerer, she is trained by a lot of important people. Yes, a gazillion people have trained in the field of magic and wizardry.

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Cosplay

Apart from being a famous series of Manga, the game is blessed with amazing skill and unstoppable power. The plot revolves around Yugi Mutou, who is a young boy. Even though the story is a narrative told by an old man, the story has a depth to it. Yes, the boy is weak and is often bullied by those who are stronger than him. So, what he does is he solves an impossible puzzle and gets the power of dark shadow. He then haunts everyone who tries to bully him or his friend. There is also a death penalty for those who have a very dark heart which is revealed by the game he plays with them.


Remember the Metal Gear series? Raiden is one of the main characters of the Metal Gear series. He solves a lot of puzzles that are required to move forward. FOXHOUND is the name of the special task force of the U.S. Raiden is also a part of the team that hunts down the goons who are in the process of causing trouble to the world peace.  The game is created by Hideo Kojima but the credits of designing fall on Yoji Shinkawa. Raiden has also reached the heights due to the boring sequence of the solid snake which the creators felt totally unnecessary.

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