Four Most Loved RPG Horror Games Online

rpg horror games online

RPG stands for Role-playing game. An RPG game is a game in which there are fictional characters. The players have to take responsibility for playing roles like acting. You have to develop a character. RPG Horror Games Online are in the air nowadays. People have been enjoying playing this game a lot. There are several RPG Horror Games Online.

Best RPG Horror Games Online

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STALKER: Caller of Pripyat

This is the second title of the game after Shadow of Chernobyl. The game is planted in the nuclear power plant of Chernobyl. The entire civilization has become corrupt. There will be weird creatures paying a visit in the game. So, you have to be careful while playing. The game is like a shooter game, with missions that are of a primary level. You will get quest rewards and a system of trade where you can repair guns, buy medical supplies, as well as ammunition. You can cover the wounds using bandages and upgrade the gear as you move further in the game. If you want a lot of cash, then you will have to participate in missions and jobs. You must have your ammunition ready because the creatures come in huge groups and attack. Your weapons must be good because they are going to be your saviors.

Metro Exodus

This game is planted in the time of the post-apocalypse of Russia. The area has been destroyed badly by nuclear weapons. The survivors have no option but to live in tunnels that are made underground for escaping the horrors of the city. Your enemy will be the zombies, beasts, and humans from the other teams. You have to work in unity for achieving the goals. Due to radiations, the least harmful creatures have mutated and have become deadly. There is life behind the walls that were grown by him and he is determined to give up on anything for living that life.

Dead Frontier 2

This is one of the most played RPG Horror Games Online. Dead frontier is the darkest game. In the game, you are the survivor of an outbreak and you have to make a living for yourself. You will have to scavenge for a lot of things. Improving your skills should be the main focus. However, make sure that you look around you for all the people who are infected because they are extremely dangerous. Save your ammunition and be pragmatic while shooting. The people who are dead in the game will not make life easy for you. So, focus on working in unity.

Resident Evil 7: The biohazard

In this game, the survivors have to play on baker street. There are numerous puzzles and the place is hazardous. At the beginning of the game, Ethan Winters is traveling to Louisiana. He is traveling after getting a request from Mia. Mia went missing three years ago and came back now. The main aim is to escape from there before the father finds them. However, they do come in contact with the father and have to fight him to survive.


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RPG Horror Games Online are played by numerous people around the world. These are the most adventurous yet fun games.

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