Everything That You Should Know About The Playstation 5

PlayStation 5

Sony has confirmed that the release date of PlayStation 5 is 12 November in Japan, the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea. Further, it will launch on 19 November in the UK and the rest of the world.

Also, this has brought a war between the PlayStation series and the X-Box series.

Now, we all know that game consoles themselves generally sell for very small. It is thereby giving you no profit. Thus, Sony will be looking at the content and services to help recover its costs. Further, the more PS5s the company has out there, the faster that can happen.

PlayStation 5 Pre-Orders And Price


Sony has stated that the PS5 price will be £449 ($499, €499). At the same time, the PS5 Digital Edition of the console will go on sale for £359 ($399, €399) in November.

Also, PS5 pre-orders are live now. Further, most retailers sold out of the first wave of stock within hours. Thus, it would help if you were quick as most of the stock is selling out quickly.

Though the electronics giant increased the price of the PS5 to £2449, “preferred customers” will receive a code for a discount that will reduce the price by £2000—thus thwarting bots, resellers, and scalpers.

Further, in the US, Amazon has sent e-mails to some buyers to let them know they might not be able to get their pre-ordered PS5s on the launch day. Whereas the other retailers have cautions fans, they may not get their PS5 until 2021.

PlayStation 5 Design

A close up of an orange

PS5 looks better than your imagination. The Xbox Series X’s utilitarian looks have been eschewed in favor of something bold, more sci-fi, and more sculpted.

Though the design of the PS5 could age quickly, at the moment, we’re impressed.

Also, Sony spent two years working on perfecting the cooling mechanism using liquid metal.

Further, Sony chose to show the PS5 almost exclusively in its vertical orientation, though you can position it horizontally. In the picture, you can view its white shell has the look of a high-collared catsuit with an opening that plunges.

The high, wide collar is separated from the machine’s black body by finned gaps that provide a path to the hot air to escape. Moreover, rather than hiding this functional part of the design, Sony has chosen to highlight it with some lovely blue lighting.

Furthermore, as per the Japanese news outlet

PlayStation 5 And 8K Video

The PS5 will support 8K video to some extent. The PlayStation 5 will also ship with an AMD Ryzen chip – a 7nm chip on Zen 2 architecture – and a GPU from the Radeon Navi-family.

Further, it will consist of SSD storage.

The Bottom Line

PS5 is an excellent thing for all game lovers. Also, it has all the features that a gamer can ask for. And we are desperately waiting to get our hands on it.

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