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There are many horror roleplaying games on the market today that just plain sucked me in! Not literally, of course. I just felt lost when I played them. But hey–they’re all pretty fun to play! I’m going to tell you what I consider to be some of the best horror RPGs for PC out there. Enjoy!

Parasite Eve: You’ve heard of the cult TV series “Titan” right? Well, if you haven’t, you definitely should. Starring Jessica Alba, Kevin Dunn, and Patricia Clarkson, Parasite Eve is about a group of teenagers who escape from a mental institution after finding strange eggs around their school. There’s a strange connection to the eggs, and a band of hunters (including a police officer played by Kevin Dunn!)


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The Tower of spirits is another great series of horror rpg games for PC. It started as a PC game, but it has been ported to many different systems and even mobile devices. As you can probably guess, it is about the story of a young girl who stumbles upon a tower that is said to house the evil spirit of a previous king.

If you like the idea of exploring ancient ruins while fighting monsters and collecting items along the way, then you’ll love Alvernia. And, it is actually a very well-made PC game.

Dungeon dwellers

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One of my favorites is dungeon dwellers. This series of games lets you play horror RPG elements in a dungeon environment. dungeons are randomly generated, so each time you’re in a dungeon you’ll find something different. It’s an interesting concept and one that I really like.

Dead Space: horror RPGs have been getting a lot more intense in recent years, with Dead Space adding some truly creepy stuff to the mix. In this series, you play as two survivors who crash landed on an alien planet. You must fight off the aliens, and use science and survival tools to keep yourself alive.

Intense And Scary

Until you’ve played Dead Space, you may not realize just how intense and scary these horror RPGs can be! However, once you do, you’ll be hooked. Playing as either Isaac or Claire, you are forced to make some pretty major decisions, and will have to learn just how life can be lived in a world where evil has found a permanent home.

The point of these horror games isn’t that you have to kill everything that moves. It’s that you can choose not to kill anyone, and instead allow the alien invaders to take over the planet. Although you will still have to fight, and be killed, the horror elements don’t rely on violence as much as they rely on careful and calculated decision making. This allows for more replay value than your average rpg, and can be played repeatedly without getting bored.

Dead Space

For those who are looking for a new, intense game that is full of intense moments, this is definitely one of the top sellers. For those who are tired of the same old horror elements, it is a breath of fresh air. For those who enjoy tactical and strategic games, the Dead Space system shock 2 system is hard to top. As soon as you play it for the first time, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it!

One of the scariest moments in the game is when you realize just how close your enemies are, only to find out that all their flesh is coated with a deadly substance. Although this can be annoying, especially when you realize just how close they are, there is something about Dead Space’s combat that makes it different. In many of today’s horror games, the goal is to kill everything that moves. In Dead Space, the goal is to not kill anyone and take out all the alien parasites. Because the goal is to kill the aliens, they are often placed at a distance, or are otherwise kept in blind until you are ready to kill them.

Vampire Clans

Another great choice for horror games is Vampire Clans, because they fit the setting. Although the vampire theme is somewhat dated now, it fits the situation perfectly. A vampire is always threatening, no matter what environment they are in.

If you want to add more atmosphere to your horror game, try combining the vampire with other horror elements, like a zombie or a lich. They fit well in horror games and will keep your player on their toes.


Another great type of horror game for rpg lovers is horror RPGs. They have the great deal of atmosphere and horror elements that are often missing from modern day rpgs. Some good examples are Demon’s Souls, Baldur’s Gate and Planescape: Torment. These three RPGs have a much more Gothic feel than most modern day rpgs, which gives them a unique appeal to fans of horror movies and tales.

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