A Look At The Entire Zelda Series On Wii

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This is the concluding installment in the Zelda game series. This time around Link has been kidnapped and taken to the Gerudo desert where he will have to battle his way through a gauntlet of nasty enemies and puzzles, all the while uncovering the truth about the mysterious ‘dungeons ‘that are slowly occupying the place left behind by Ganon’s fall. 

Link’s quest will take him through many heart breaking scenes as he battles his way through the Gerudo tunnels, but he must also avoid traps and nasty pitfalls. There are many secrets to uncover and items to acquire during your adventure, but be sure to save the Princess Zelda along the way. This is the end of one part of the Zelda game, but there are still two more games to play in this wonderful franchise.

Graphics And Sound Effects Are Very Nice

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The graphics and sound effects are very nice to the point that it takes time to actually realize what is happening. For example, when you run into a mini mushroom, it will cause some explosion type effects that make the environment look like it has been blown up. Link turns into a ghostly form that is not humanly looking at the end of each stage and appears to be possessed by the evil Ganon. All this and more are what makes this game so special, as well written by Hidjet Asanuma, who is most known for her design work on the Dynasty Warriors series.

Link starts out by finding a mysterious egg in a hole in the ground, but the egg has some bad news for him; it has been frozen solid. What is worse is that the icy cold has trapped Ganon inside the egg, making it impossible for anyone to get out and retrieve him. Ganon realizes that the only way to open the egg is by melting it using the fire of the eight ancient beings that compose the Zelda world. Link then finds himself flying through the air in a battle with Ganon, and he eventually defeats the evil Ganon. Link then finds Princess Zelda locked away in a tower that Ganon has carved out, and she then transforms into the legendary Princess Zelda whom we know today.

Takes On A New Dimension

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The game then shifts to the present day and Link finds himself once again playing the game as Zelda. It is here that the game takes on a new dimension as she is now training Zelda to fight off the evil Ganon once and for all. Ganon’s aim is to acquire the three legendary pieces of the legendary Triforce, but Zelda gets distracted from her goal as she meets and gets engaged to another Knight who may be her hero. 

Ganon then sends his six dungeon guardians to attack the surface of the world, and Zelda must use her magic to stop them. Link meanwhile sneaks into Ganon’s castle and defeats all of his six guardians, thus allowing Ganon to regain his strength and return to the skies.

A Few Puzzles To Solve

In the game you have to play as Zelda, using the WiiMote to aim and shoot at enemies and using the Wii Remote to perform powerful moves and attacks. You can also purchase a shield that looks similar to Zelda’s original shield in the earlier games, and you can also buy a helmet that allows you to see better in dark areas. 

During your adventure you will find that you must fight both human enemies and dungeon dwellers. Although this game is not as action heavy as the others in the Zelda series, it does have quite a few puzzles to solve, and it is possible to acquire items by collecting Rupees which are common in the game.

Phantom Hourglass

One of the best features of the game comes from the addition of the “Hottest Boy” competition, where players were able to vote on their favorite character. This game was so popular, in fact, that it spawned a sequel called Phantom Hourglass. In this game Link must battle and kill a number of mythical creatures throughout many levels. The game certainly has some of the most amazing visuals ever created in a video game and is one of the best looking games on the entire Nintendo Wii.

As you battle through the game you are challenged by another mysterious character, this time it is Ganon who will try and kill Link. In the beginning of the game Link will be forced to fight Ganon at his own castle. If Link falls down the first to go, he will have to save princess Zelda who will be locked inside the castle’s underground prison. Once Link has rescued her he can return to his original position at the top of the map and continue the battle.


It is interesting to note that Phantom Ganon is actually the second form of Ganon, the first being Darunia. This game allows you the option to play as either Link or Darunia, so this feature gives players a lot of options when it comes to playing the game. Most people tend to play as Link because they are familiar with the game mechanics and understand what to expect when playing as Link. Some people like to play as Zelda because they want to see Princess Zelda all in action, while other players like to play as characters like Ganon or Darunia because they are a bit challenging and offer a different feel to the game.

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