Digital Reality Gaming: Where Virtual And Real Meets

digital reality gaming

Gaming has many genres, but there is becoming one niche in the gaming genre called digital reality gaming. It’s a type of genre that incorporated both digital and virtual reality gaming in a sense. It makes you have an immersive experience and also gives you the feel of being in a whole new environment as to where you are currently. 

Different Type Of Games Created For Digital Reality

Digital reality gaming has come a long way since its inception; it first started in 1994 with a game called Reunion developed for the Amiga and Windows platforms. It branched out to have different genres and used many various peripherals incorporated with the VR software to make it even more immersive. 

There are now many VR games that gained popularity, and most of them incorporate your whole body, which gives you that full-body experience. An example of those games is Beat Saber that lets you wield dual joysticks that serve as your “lightsaber” and let you hit the marks with a popular music choice.

Best Digital Reality Games So Far

We already mentioned Beat Saber, so that’s one. Next would be Superhot VR. It’s a game in which action is everywhere, and fun is endless. Imagine yourself in a world full of you fighting your way from level to level and you making the Matrix-like moves to dodge bullets and eliminate your foes. It sounds fantastic, but you have to play it to understand just how incredible the game is already entirely. 

digital reality gaming

No Man’s Sky is also on top of the list, following its very hyped up first trailer to the game’s disappointment when it first appeared. It has since then risen from the ashes and has become a popular game for returning and new players. 

Last but not least is Half-Life: Alyx. If you ever played the Half-Life games of old, then you would want to play the game if you have a chance. The reason is that it lives up to the hype and is beyond expectations. From the atmosphere to the puzzles and even the baddies are all top-notch in this digital reality game, you would want to keep you playing until you repeat it repeatedly. 

digital reality gaming is the future


There are so many games revolving around this genre, and digital reality gaming is becoming mainstream now more than ever. It’s good to see these types of games coming out and having players populate the genre. It’s because the sky is the limit for these types of games, and it will eventually be the future of gaming when they can create whole worlds in which players would be able to interact and play.

Talking about digital reality gaming, there have been many popular shows like Sword Art Online that have shown just what those games are capable of in the future, and it’s something to look forward to.

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