Coolest Facts Of World Of Warcraft Game

This world is a prison and I will set us all free is a statement from the world of warcraft: Shadowland Cinematic trailer. Well, Who doesn’t want the ice throne? That is not the right question. The correct question is who wants to destroy the ice throne which comes with a power that makes its wearer prisoner. There are similar plot sequences in the series. Hence, we couldn’t help but wonder how the whole series will look like. Let us now look at some of the coolest facts about the world of warcraft game.

15 Years Since Its Inception: The World Of Warcraft

The first world of warcraft was released in 2004. The franchise still has a lot of interest in the market. Hence, it could be said that they are defining standards rather than abiding by the existing ones. They recently celebrated their 15 years. Yet, a lot of people argue that even beginners enjoy the game as much as the experts.

Glitched Bear: The World Of Warcraft

The game also had few low points. Among them is the glitched bear. The term was coined by the designer Joe Magdalena. The event occurred when one of the games saw the glitch right in between the settings of one of the versions of the game. Even though, the event pulled a lot of criticism back then, right now it is looked up as nothing short of a joke.

Leeroy Jenkins

The scene of Leeroy Jenkins is one of the funniest in the history of the game. The jibe about chicken is a classic. It inspired a lot of memes that run through the internet. At least I have a Chicken is one of the most frequently used terms by the playing characters. The reason is quite simple. If a game has a history of over 15 years, it has to amass the amount of attention and with the attention, a lot of social media scrum.

Coolest Facts oF World Of Warcraft Game


The Blood Plague specifically is the one that destroyed the world of warcraft. Well, this is not a real-world scenario, but a plot thing. Yes, the plot had got intense with the introduction of the Plague. Any kind of plague is known to haunt the planet and the world of warcraft. You cant pretty much do anything if the disease is highly contagious. Hence, the blood plague was one of the most interesting episodes of the franchise.

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