Coolest Facts Of Dungeons And Dragons Online

Dungeons and Dragons have been an important tool in changing the cultural Identity of role-playing games. Yes, the game was previously famous for its typical identity in the table-top version. People see it as the new face of table-top games. Well, that is not true for the entire world of Dungeons and Dragons, because a different version online is also present. Dungeons and Dragons Online is a game for Massively Multi-Player Online players. Yes, it is an MMORPG. Daybreak Game Company is the current publisher of the game. Let us look at some of the coolest facts of the game.

Initial Platforms: Dungeons And Dragons Online

A lot of RPG games are developed with the intention of giving an unforgettable experience. That forces the developers to focus on the Playstation and Xbox versions of the game. Although, Dungeons and Dragons were initially published for Microsoft Windows and OS X. The reason is quite simple. It is the standalone version that meets the requirements of the game for MMORPG. Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach is the one that we just spoke about.


If you are going to play the game, keep the XP score in mind. Well, you must have a comparable XP score with respect to the person who has the highest XP score. You don’t want to be either two or three levels below him. You won’t be able to start a quest of your own, but you can join the person who is able to go on a quest. Also, if you are a three-level lower, you will be definitely penalized. Casual, normal, solo, epic, elite, and hard. These are the six quests that are considered unbreakable. Hence, be ready for the action narrated by quest master.

Setting: Dungeons And Dragons Online

The most interesting piece in the game in the setting. The story is an area that is quite fascinating not only for playing but to take a moment and observe. Stormreach is the place of its origin. The world of Eberron is full of dragon art. Each player will be provided a dungeon to do the proceedings. The continent of Xendrick plays a vital role The city has more to offer even beyond its closed walls.


Korthos Island is the place where you as a player character are going to start. Well, in order to help your city, you must first help the citizens of Korthos Island in fighting off the Shauagin. White Dragon is also a part of this experience. The citizens who help you in the adventure are Jeets, Cellimas, and Talbron. Also, like a classic Golden Lion novel opening, you will find your self in a destroyed ship at the start of the game. The place is none other than the shores of Korthos Island. After helping the people you will be able to return to your own place, Stormreach.

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