Cheap Gaming Pc Or Prebuilt PC – Which Should You Get

cheap gaming pc

Gaming PC’s are not cheap, but they are not expensive either. Budget gaming computers between 500 and 1000 should be able to play all current games at high quality graphics and 1080p with no problems. The higher end systems over 1000 come with more powerful processors and more powerful graphics cards. Depending on what you want to use your PC for, there is a gaming PC out there to meet your needs. Just make sure the system meets the recommended specifications.

High End Processor

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When looking for cheap gaming pc’s, many gamers are turned off by the thought of buying a high-end processor and graphic card right out of the gate. These high-end options cost a bundle, but if you can save up the money in the short term, the money will eventually be more worth it than any additional expense. Purchasing an affordable PC that has a strong processor and good graphics is a great idea. You might not have the cash on hand to invest in an Intel Ivy Bridge or AMD Phenom II, however. Most budget PC gaming computers will be packed with these two powerful options.

High End Specifications

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If you can’t quite afford a high-end PC, there are plenty of budget gaming PCs out there that will get you where you want to go. It is important to remember that even though the prices are low, quality isn’t compromised. Cheap PC’s always carry some drawbacks. Before deciding on the cheapest option, make sure you know what you want out of a gaming device. Finding the best cheap gaming pc deals requires a little patience and due diligence into your options.There are tons of online retailers that offer great quality cheap gaming pc’s. Some of them specialize in specific genres. For example, if you enjoy role playing games then you should shop at one of the niche pc gaming sites. Gaming sites also offer great deals on regular PCs. You can’t go wrong by shopping at a site that specializes in gaming equipment.

The Features

The best budget pc for gaming right now is the Asus Xbone mini. This powerful gaming rig is packed with features and power. It comes with a quad core i5 processor and a terabyte of memory. The graphics card is really fast as well and will allow you to play the latest games. Add in a keyboard and mouse and you’ll have the best bargain. Over time you should be able to upgrade the hardware and get better performance. Many people have been looking for a good deal on the corsair phaser range so they’ve decided to buy the bundled graphics card with the Xbone. That leaves us with one option – which is the Asus Xbone mini gaming laptop. This laptop has all the same features as the others, but it doesn’t come with the bundled graphics card. You can upgrade to a graphics card later, so this is not an awful deal if budget is a concern. If you need the extra power from the graphics card then this isn’t the laptop for you.

Wrapping Up

Another option is to buy an unlocked processor if you are tight on cash. Some people will even go the extra mile and upgrade to a quad core processor. These will help you to save money on the price of the gaming pc without sacrificing performance. They also come with the additional benefit of having more ram and a much faster processor.

The main consideration to think about is whether to get a gaming PC or a prebuilt pc. A prebuilt pc will come with most of the necessary components like the graphic card, the processor, the ram and the hard drive. The problem is that these pieces of hardware often don’t match the specification of the motherboard of your choice. It can be a hassle to upgrade these pieces later. You can save quite a bit of money by getting a custom made one.

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