Can A Costa Rica Company Serve Debt With Electronic Gaming Solutions And Software Development

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Digital Gaming Solutions offers both mobile and web-based gambling software for many online casino providers. They have created proprietary software solutions for casinos, online poker rooms, gaming communities, sports betting sites, and other companies. Their most popular product is their card game “Texas Holdem,” which has been in circulation since 1990 and is the most popular card game on the internet. The company offers various online gambling-related products such as slot machines, poker games, video poker, blackjack, bingo, and other games.

Who Is Townview Trading?


Townview Trading was a leading provider of digital gaming solutions to the online gaming industry until recently due to financial problems. However, they are now again financially stable, and the suits they were facing in the past are behind them. The company still faces a lawsuit from a former employee accusing Townview Trading of using funds obtained illegally to support his projects.

A few years ago, a United States citizen living in Costa Rica became convinced that his tax money was being illegally taken out of his bank account without his knowledge or consent. This individual is a victim of international tax fraud and had hired a personal injury attorney to represent him in a fraudulent case against a large financial firm. After the case went to court, the defense attorney suddenly changed tactics and pursued the case using a new strategy that was not approved by either the judge or the lawyers for the United States Department of Justice. This resulted in a loss for the United States taxpayer, and his lawsuit was consequently thrown out.

What About The United States Taxpayer?

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The United States taxpayer was the victim of a fraudulent scheme in which the defendant used a third party to create a false e-mail account to direct money from the plaintiff’s account. He was not aware at the time that he was being directed by this e-mail and had signed up for the account believing it was authorized. As a direct result of this illegal conduct, the United States taxpayer was awarded damages in an amount not more than the value of one thousand dollars. This was a very unfortunate case and represented an unfortunate lack of trust in e-mail security among American taxpayers.

What Problems Are Faced By Digital Gaming Solution And Software Development Companies Of Costa Rica?

Digital gaming solutions and software development businesses based in Costa Rica had faced similar problems in the past. There are some exceptions to these issues. For example, in terms of e-mail security, Costa Rica’s law requires that any communication sent or received by a customer from a company must include a valid sender address. Unfortunately, this requirement does not extend to mobile solutions or direct e-mail services. In other words, a customer can send a message from a cellular phone or PDA without legal consequences.

Final Thoughts

If the digital gaming solutions and software development company in Costa Rica cannot serve by alternate means, the United States taxpayer may well serve his complaint in other ways. For instance, if the e-mail was directed from a controlled domain by the defendant, then the United States taxpayer may file a criminal complaint charging the defendant with fraud. The United States Attorney’s office in San Francisco will probably have such a case on file. If the customer were directed to an e-mail account controlled by another entity, then the United States authorities may seek a cease and desist order from the foreign entity. Likewise, the customer would also have the standing to seek damages from the directing service provider.

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