A New RPG Game Thats Very Rewarding

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This game follows the tale of a group of young people who were stranded on a desert island after their ship crashed. In your game, you will have to help the people there survive by finding a way to return home and find a new home for yourself as well. Unlike other RPGs, where you are basically a generic character, in Dragon Age: Origins, you get a customized experience that tells a story about you and your struggles. Here are some of my first impressions about this new RPG for Xbox One.

Game Feels Very Natural

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First of all, this game feels very natural. Unlike previous RPG games where you would go into a world and wonder what happened, here everything is clear at first – you can clearly see the paths and landmarks from a first-person perspective. Graphics are detailed and really feel like an RPG game. It is not too much of a new thing for everyone, but it is enough to create an illusion that the game is actually new.

One of the biggest problems I have had with RPG games before is the world map. It is clear that creating a seamless world map is a huge challenge and one that requires quite a bit of development time. Fortunately, the makers of Dragon Age: Origins took that challenge on board and made the game’s world map a brand new experience.

Another Big Difference Is The Story

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Whereas most games limit story depth or freedom of design in favor of the narrative, Dragon Age: Origins allows players to create their own plot. There is a strong focus on narrative throughout the game, and this leads to an addictive gameplay loop that keeps players hooked through the end. The story quests take players from one area of the map to the next, and while they do involve fighting enemy characters, they also often include side quests where you can find rare items or learn powerful skills that can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Along with the focus on a strong storyline, comes a focus on narrative and character development. RPGs have always focused on creating a protagonist who challenges you to find out more about their world and perhaps even to find love or other meaningful things. Dragon Age: Origins breaks this mold, and instead makes you feel like the game is entirely about you and your relationship with the world.

Start As A Generic Blank Slate

Unlike past RPG games, you are not playing a standard RPG character. Instead, you start as a generic blank slate, and your personality and capabilities are defined by your personality score. This helps the game to tell a better story, as your actions and decisions will have a direct bearing on how the plot unfolds. Not only is this more personal than having a generic protagonist, but it is also helping to create more engrossing gameplay.

Final Words

The final part of Dragon Age: Origins, the endgame, doesn’t really do anything with the gameplay, other than provide a means to acquire new weapons and armor. However, it still provides for one of the most engaging experiences around. The different endings, the dynamic characters, and the tight level design all combine to make Dragon Age: Origins one of the best role playing games to come out of 2021.

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