6 Interesting Facts About US Digital Gaming Corporation – Find Out Everything

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US Digital Gaming Corporation is the developer of a US-based business solution that offers legalized online gambling. This company enables states and key operators to conduct internet gambling. In addition, they also provide you with total security and fraud prevention as well. USDG is an expert in federal and state licensing processes with full government relations capability. The business solution is owned by long-time pioneers and leaders in the technology and gaming industry. Here are some unknown and interesting facts about the US Digital gaming corporation. Have a look.

Know-How US Digital Gaming Is Better Than All The Rest

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US Digital Gaming has a full suite for consumers facing all the functionalities required for complaining about legal online gambling in the US. Here is all the information you must know about US digital gaming.

  1. People: US digital gaming is run by a team of 80+ talented people that are collaborating to create an environment and culture with content diversity and creativity.
  2. Portfolio: US digital gaming offers you casino games. They are famous for providing you with immersive gaming experiences, and it includes thrilling jackpots, online slots, sleek tables, and millionaire-making progressive games.
  3. Vision: Since US digital gaming is the most comprehensive business solution, their goal is to make their company solutions partner of choice with iGaming.
  4. DNA: US Digital gaming says that their definition is innovation and creativity. And since 2014, US digital gaming is at the forefront of the development of digital casino content. This company is passionate about providing the most engaging and innovative content for the operators and the players. 
  5. Locations: There are two offices of the company in the outskirts of Florida and New Jersey. The locations of US digital gaming are as diverse as its people.
  6. Responsibility: US digital gaming always claims that player protection is always their priority. As they are an online supplier of casino software, they take the responsibility of fair play in gaming.

Number Of Gamers In US Digital Gaming in 2021

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The number of monthly gamers in US digital gaming has increased by 1.1% from 2020. And now, in 2021, the number of gamers is raised to 177.7 million, which is 53.1% of the total population in the US. This increase is modest as compared to last year when due to the pandemic, the number of gamers was increased by 5.7% monthly players in 2019. The most popular device used for US digital gaming is mobile, and most of the users increased in gaming are claimed to be mobile users. The expected number of gamers using mobile phones in 2021 is 159.1 million, which is itself 89.5% of total US digital gaming. Mobile gamers are likely to increase by 1.2 % this year.


US digital gaming is gaining a lot of popularity because of its working system, which is secure and protected. And this is why the number of gamers is increasing in US digital gaming.

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