5 Best Online RPG Games That Will Keep You Hooked In This Lockdown 2021

best online rpg games

RPG is a Role Play Game that has gained huge popularity in the last few years. Best online RPG games are immersive gaming monstrosities that entertain millions of people and get huge amounts of money doing that. The reason that these games are so popular and addictive is that the player can live a virtual life, even if it is for a shorter period. In RPG games, you get to play whatever role you want to play, whether you choose to be a hero or villain. 

Most of the role-playing video games are designed in a way that you have to buy either a subscription or you have to buy online weapons. Most of them are now available for free to play. So let’s introduce you to the best online RPG games that will help you to kill your time this lockdown in 2021.

List Of Best Online RPG Games

Raid: Shadow Legends

A laptop computer

This game is so good and gives you a more strategic, management concentrated grab on the genre. In this game, the player has to go around accumulating the heroes of the game and the other team players. This game will test your skills and cleverness. This online RPG game gives access to online battles also. You have a chance to team up with other players and take on struggling tasks. 

World Of Warships


World of warship – in this RPG game, you have to switch out the shooter element of the world of tanks. You can play it in a very tactical and full-skill way. The warships in this game are so powerful that they can destroy a thing in a single shot. They are cinematic; it also has a sunset view which is very beautiful to watch. It may take time to shoot the target that depicts that your enemy has to move on every time, avoiding fire or any other attack. 


This is a free-to-play best online RPG game. It has awesome views like storming the beaches of Normandy and struggling across Europe. It has many offers that give a chance to players to fight,, and it has many tasks or campaigns so that a player can play strategically. It has many levels,, and every level has new vehicles, weapons and also aircraft.

Its MMO is designed to excite the selective buff with so many level details. 


While many PC gaming is famous and has a reputation for being expensive, the list of best online RPG games you just went through is rather free. You can have the best time playing these best online RPG games without paying anything. So now what are you waiting to look for? It is that I dive into the world of virtual role-play games to kill your time with this pandemic.

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