3 Best And New RPG Games By Xbox One

new rpg games xbox one

RPGs are a whole different experience. You can play a character and live his life. Players have the option to develop a narrative and storyline of their game. These RPGs are a lot more fun as they involve you in the story. There are dialogues, character design, and many more. Over the period, the game genre has developed into more detailed and quality gaming. Xbox One by Microsoft has brought many editions in this field. Below list is a list of some exciting and brand new role-playing games in case you haven’t noticed these cool games.

The Witcher 3

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You have a choice to play as a Witcher who also goes by the Geralt of Rivia. He has been training since a very young age. Witcher is a skilled fighter and slays monsters, beasts, and other creatures. The world of Witcher is filled with magic and other mythical creatures. You will also come across other characters like Yennefer of Vengerberg, bard Dandelion, and many more as the story progresses.

The Witcher 3 is inspired by the book and TV series of the same name. The game is action-packed. You have to defeat the troublesome beasts. The Witcher has amazing animation with effects that keep you mesmerized. This RPG can be played alone.

Pillars Of Eternity

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Pillars Of Eternity revolves around ancient civilizations, gods, and powers. A fantasy land called Eora is where the players come from. The RPG has an excellent story that will keep you focused. There is one single-player mode. The character’s designs and personalities are well suited. You can fill your stock as much as you like. On the negative side, the graphics are a little low.

Monster Hunter

The world of Monster Hunter is set in a fictional realm. There are humans and few other races who are sick of the old world. The old world is overpopulated as well as unfit for living. Thus, these people want to go to the new world in hope of a better life. However, this new world is a big mystery. Players have to solve these puzzles. The premise is a bit weak compared to the other games. This RPG can be played in single or multiplayer mode.


The plot-based games like RPGs are much more interesting as the involvement of players is a lot greater in these games. In the year 2020, a variety of new editions has been added by Microsoft’s Xbox One in the industry. The above-mentioned are the latest role-playing games that one must try. These are the witcher 3 where you have to slay some beasts and other dangerous beings. You can either get Pillars Of Eternity whose storyline won’t disappoint at all. The next pick is a monster hunter. Players get to unravel mysteries while killing monsters.

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